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Dr. Borba - How To Raise Kids Who Will Thrive - 7 Teachable Skills That Set Happy, Healthy, High-Performing Kids Apart

Jun 18, 2021

I had Dr. Borba on a previous episode talk about her new book, “Thrivers” which I absolutely love!

And if you haven’t read her other book called, “Unselfie” - How to get kids to live with empathy in an all about me world - it’s a must read!

Dr. Borba was so kind to come talk to my staff via zoom earlier this year. And we invited the staff from two other schools to join us. People were asking for access to the recording, so we decided to share it with you here. We’ve divided the episode into two parts. This is part one.  

I love one of her quotes, "Resilience is made, not born."

Reslient kids have a hobby!

Help kids give back to others. It's the #1 way to help them in stress. Share uplifting stories of helpers and everyday good guys in the news and in your community. Thrivers learn to focus on the good instead of the negative.

Teach your kids to do the hardest thing first! That way they won't stress about the task all night. Confidence and perseverance builds as kids complete larger chunks alone.

Stop Rescuing! Thrivers learn to build agency so step back from being your kid's safety net. Identify one skill your child needs to work on and set a rule: "You need to take responsibility."

The 7 Teachable Skills are:








Each of these seven character strengths is like a superpower that helps safeguard kids against the depression and anxiety that threatens to derail them. And when those superpowers are combined, they become even more potent, creating a Multiplier Effect that prepares children to succeed in our fast-paced, ever-changing world. The best news of all: these strengths aren't inborn. They can be taught - and Dr. Borba shows us how. 



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