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A Pandemic Picture Book for Kids

May 11, 2021

I want you to imagine with me just for a second...your child comes home from school one day and says they want to show you something they learned that day and they close their eyes and take two deep breaths.

What would you say? Would you know what to say?

Well Two years ago, we hired a Mindfulness Coach who taught lessons to our students 15 minutes a week, for 8 weeks. But I never really felt like the parents knew exactly what we were teaching their child. And what I love about our guest today, is that she also taught elementary kids mindfulness lessons and yoga...and better yet, she wrote a picture book for kids and I think it will really help parents and educators understand a little bit more about mindfulness and it teaches you a few simple practices that you can try with your kids today. 

Our guest today is Hiba Stacofski, a yoga and mindfulness instructor in Lewes, Delaware and she just published her first picture book for kids called, “I Feel Better Now”. The setting of the book is Lewes, Delaware and locals will enjoy the attractions she features in the book from this quaint beach town.

The book introduces children to tools of yoga and mindfulness to help them cope easier when they experience difficult emotions. 

I feel like every parent in the world needs this book right now to help their child with anxiety, stress, fear of the unknown and uncertainty on a normal day, and especially throughout this pandemic. Listen and see why this is my #1 recommended picture book this year for kids and families. 

During covid, help your child with stress, remote learning and loneliness with this recently published pandemic picture book for kids.

This book gives anyone working with kids strategies to use today to help them calm down, find happiness and self-regulate during the stress of remote learning, being at home during covid, when things are not back to normal yet.

You will learn easy and simple yoga moves, positive affirmations and breathing exercises you can practice with your child or students at home or in school.

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