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Dr. Alibhai - Family Doctor in British Columbia - Mother of 3 Boys

Apr 24, 2021

Dr. Alibhai's parents escaped Uganda as refugees and started their new life in Canada. 

She took classes at night at the young age of 16 and became a certified fitness instructor.

She practices as a Family Doctor and is a motivating and inspiring public speaker, famous for her TedX Talk, "Emotional Literacy for Better Mental Health." She is known as a "Community Healer."

But, like each of us...she has a story.

After completing her residency in Family Medicine and birthing her first son, the stressors of life caught up with her as much as she knew a lot about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She found herself at rock bottom suffering with postpartum anxiety and feeling alone.

In her Ted Talk she mentions that we know all to well how to run ourselves down by saying we should be doing something we are not. And we listen to that internal dialogue running in our mind. The all too familiar negative self talk and just feel frustrated and guilty. 

"The first step is to learn to be self-aware." - Dr. Alibhai

Even though Dr. Alibhai studied nutrition, exercise and medicine for ten years, she finally found the missing link - HEALTHY THINKING.

Dr. Alibhai currently works in the largest health youth clinic in British Columbia. She works with young adults ages 12-24. 1 in 5 Canadians suffer from a mental health illness. 

Dr. Alibhai leaves us with the phrase she heard from the Toms shoe owner, Blake Mycoskie, "I AM ENOUGH."

This week stop and reflect on these three simple words. When I started to say to myself, "I am enough." My thoughts about myself began to change. Wow! What a powerful statement! How many times do we think,

"I need to work out more."

"I need to eat more healthy."

"I need to stop..."

"I need to do more of..."

"I need more..."

Catch yourself this week, and say to yourself, "You know what? I am enough."


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