$29 (Mindfulness Videos for Kids)

Do you want to learn how to help your child when they are having a challenging moment?

Learn tips, practices, and questions to help you get to the root of why your child did what they did.

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Mindfulness Practices relieve stress from your body so you can focus

But too often, kids are anxious, worried and have a hard time calming down when they are upset. Too often they react in situations that are tough for them instead of respond thoughtfully, calm and in control of their body.

Your child may be stressed at a swim meet, or taking a test. Maybe they are impatient when you are working with one of your other children. These Mindfulness Practices teach kids to be aware of the present moment without judgment.

What you'll get:

  • These videos will guide your child through exercises to learn how to stay in the present moment. 
  • Each lesson takes your child through practicing mindfulness using their 5 senses
  • Your child will learn how to send kind thoughts to themselves and others
  • Your child will walk away with several breathing strategies to try, practice and use to help them come back to a place of calm when they get stressed out or upset.

Mindfulness is being aware of the present moment without judgment.

Live a life without stress as you experience the power of mindfulness.

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What People Are Saying:

Swimming has been such an emotional roller coaster for our daughter. She loves the pool yet the coach's instructions can be confusing. She likes being with new friends yet the pool is cold and the crowd is loud. All of this has been the perfect storm for emotional breakdowns for her. Even today during the warm-up time for the meet she broke into tears (the water was freezing and there were so many people). She started using some of the mindfulness techniques she has learned at school and completely crushed her three events. She has been on cloud nine since the meet ended! If you see her with a little skip in her step tomorrow, you’ll know why! Thanks for Mindfulness Tuesday!

Elizabeth Perry

It (Mindfulness Practice) relieves stress from your body so you can focus better in class.

Aiden Dassel, 2nd Grader

I was taking a test and there was a problem that I didn’t understand. So I took three deep breaths and went back to the test and I did the problem over again and everything was better. It was because of mindfulness, I remembered to be calm and present. My mindfulness classes helped me finish my test and stay calm when there was an obstacle to overcome.

Dylan Mauloni, 5th grader