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Dr. Karin Jakubowski

Host of the Podcast "Momnificent"! Principal of one of the top 50 schools in the US.

Inspirational educator and Tikok sensation with over 25K followers on social media. She has slept on the roof of her school, kissed a cow, loves connecting with the most challenging students and is on a mission to help women unlock their inner power to live free, happy and validated no matter what they go through and live the life they've always wanted!

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You Want HAPPY, HEALTHY KIDS...Who Doesn't?

But something always gets in the way. Sad but true.

You get frustrated trying to help your child, and sometimes it either doesn’t work or it makes the situation worse. 

The sense of helplessness and overwhelm can make you feel alone, under skilled and...  let’s face it, at a loss for what to do. For example, If your child:


  • Shuts down when you talk to them 
  • Has difficulty calming down after having a tantrum or a meltdown
  • Experiences heightened anxiety 
  • Displays disruptive behaviors in school
  • Lacks connection with classmates or teachers


I Know How Your Kid Feels!



This can leave You Feeling...

  • Frustrated
  • Discouraged
  • Disconnected
  • Embarrassed
  • Worried
  • Sad
  • Disappointed
  • Concerned

...wondering if you have what it takes to raise a good kid! 

Educational Impact Academy was created to inform, educate, and provide the tools for you to truly understand your child, know how to talk to them, and protect your relationship when challenges arise.


Helplessness doesn’t have to define you - Dr. Karin is here to empower you!



Empathy Opens The Door To Connection

We use a collaborative problem solving approach to find out what skill needs to be taught or problem to be solved. 

Raising Kids Has Challenging Moments

But you can still have...

Happy, Healthy Kids

Learn, practice and master a holistic approach to help your child overcome any challenging behavior.

Deeper Connection

Experience a deeper connection with your child that unlocks their full potential. 

Peace of Mind

Live a life without stress as you experience the power of mindfulness.

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You Are Not Alone!

I know, I’ve been there... as a Principal who has worked in schools for over a decade, I’ve worked with struggling kids experiencing social, emotional, behavioral and/or academic challenges. Here’s what I found; kids really do want to do well, thrive, be happy and feel connected with their relationships. As soon as I started using this collaborative problem solving process, I saw successful results unlike any I’d seen before.

Meet the Founder

Dr. Karin Jakubowski

Dr. Jakubowski is a well-respected international influencer on helping kids live happier, healthier lives. She has touched the lives of thousands of families in multiple states with her ability to connect and help kids experience success from challenging behaviors. With a doctorate in Educational Leadership, and nearly 20  years of experience in education as a teacher and principal, she is highly regarded as an educational gamechanger.

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