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I love kids! 

I am passionate about helping them thrive and live happy even when they have their most challenging moments.


For years I saw kids struggle in school. Some kids had behavioral issues, some just couldn't 'do school' as we know it. Over the years I learned a collaborative problem-solving approach and everything started to change. 


That's why I created the Momnificient Membership!


I really want to see you and your kids be happy. I’m going to come along side you, and we are going to walk through this together. I’m just like you! There’s no judgment. I have committed my life to helping mom’s overcome the challenges with their kids. I’m a kid at heart. I’ve seen way too many kids stressed at school, do something bad and think they were bad, it can stop today. Let’s start building up our kids. I’ll show you how, even when they do the worst thing or act in a horrible way. There is hope. Allow me to take you step by step to help you restore the relationship with your child.  


Karin Jakubowski, Ed.D.

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