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Helping Children Manage Grief and Loss with Ashley Bugge

Oct 08, 2021

The closest family member I’ve lost is a grandparent, uncle and aunt. I can’t imagine what it must be like to lose your mother or father at a young age, or a spouse early on in life. 

But, if you or someone you know has young kids who have lost a parent, this story from Ashley, I believe will really encourage you. And the picture book she wrote with her kids might really help your child. 

Grief is a tough subject and it can be even more difficult when trying to manage it with children. After the sudden death of her husband, Ashley Bugge found herself not only raising two toddlers, but planning for the birth of her third child, but also trying to help them live in a world that had been suddenly consumed with grief. Unable to find books that spoke about grief in kid terms, she and her kids wrote a remarkable book, titled “Ohoowehoe” Until we meet again. This week, Ashley is here to discuss how to talk to your child about grief and loss, help them understand their feelings and live a happier life. 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

*Why it’s important to have honest conversations about grief with your children

*How to make new memories as a family while grieving loss

*Signs a child may be struggling with grief

Ashley also wrote her memoir, “Always Coming Back Home” and there is also a documentary about her husband’s death. Honestly, I’m not even ready to read her book or watch the documentary as much as I want to. My husband and I are both scuba divers and just thinking about his accident, brings me the chills. Because it feels so close to home. And it takes alot for me to scuba dive, because I battle with the thoughts, “What if something goes wrong while I’m down there.” 

Someday, I’ll be in a place where I can watch the film and read the book. I really want to.

On each page of Ashley’s picture book, it’s told through the eyes of her kids, and it’s interactive even though it’s a book, there are questions throughout.

This book is even more pertinent especially with covid. Families are dealing with tremendous losses, and this book is universal for kids anytime, but particularly right now.

You can follow Ashley here:

Facebook - @ashleybuggexo 

Instagram - Ashley.bugge


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