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PRINCIPALS! I created a ONE DAY event just for you!

Sep 18, 2022

Are you FEELING BURNT OUT, STRESSED and it’s just the beginning of the school year? 

Imagine waking up every morning feeling EMPOWERED and RE-ENERGIZED about your work


As Principals, we deal with UNEXPECTED CHALLENGES that grad school never trained us for. 

Maybe you are SITTING HERE RIGHT NOW, feeling like it’s IMPOSSIBLE to KEEP IT ALL together.

I know if you’re reading this, you feel the same way I did. 

I’m HOSTING a LIFE-CHANGING PRINCIPAL MASTERMIND to SHOW you HOW to BE EMPOWERED in the midst of CONFLICT. You are going to TAP into TOOLS that will help release you from ANXIETY - just like that!

You are going to learn how to rise above other’s THOUGHTS, OPINIONS & ATTITUDES and not let it drain your energy.

The first 3 people to register for this mastermind will receive a BONUS 30 minute 1-1 high performance coaching session with me.

It all boils down to this…you are not alone. Join ME! The TIME TO TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE is now!

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