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Fostering Creativity in You and Your Child

Nov 07, 2021

Whether we recognize it or not, all of us have great creative resources within us, and they can help us discover greater happiness.

This week’s guest is Doug Patton, an industrial designer who was featured on ABC’s American Inventor television series and has created more than 300 products in 20 international market categories. 

His new book, “Conquering the Chaos of Creativity”, provides a map to help you find your own creative process. He’s here to talk about the connection between creativity and happiness and help each of us learn to find our own creative superpowers.

He shares:

  • The role creativity played in his life
  • The connection between creativity and happiness
  • Why creativity is crucial to us really achieving happiness
  • How exercise plays a role in creativity
  • Mindfulness and meditation and how they work in problem solving
  • How parents can foster creativity in their child
  • The importance of allowing your child to explore their creative side
  • Why Doug’s book caught the attention of higher ed and the necessity of teaching this to students
  • The results people get when they start intentionally experiencing creativity

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