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Dr. Gominak - Anxiety, Depression,The World Epidemic of Sleep Disorders AND MORE Due to a Lack of Vitamins D and B

May 20, 2021

I enjoyed my recent talk with Dr. Gominak. She gave me hope for parents who have kids with autism, issues with bed-wetting, anxiety, depression and more.

I love how she says, "Imagine a world filled with people pain-free with mental illness, anxiety, depression and psychosis a thing of the past. Medical illness is reduced. Medication use is minimized. See your doctor once a year, heal your body every night." 

I want to help you with any issue you or your child may be facing that impacts your health. Dr. Gominak has answers.  

She even says that the world epidemic of sleep disorders is linked to Vitamin D deficiency! The key is to monitor the correct amounts. And that is what I feel no one is teaching us. 

Dr. Gominak also says that autism is linked to insufficient deep sleep.

The global struggle with worsening sleep is linked to reduced sun exposure.

See your doctor once a year. Heal your body every night.

Given back enough time in deep sleep and the necessary raw materials (D and B vitamins) the brain can make up for the deep sleep that it missed and develop normal social skills even into the teens and early 20’s. 

Not a morning person? Dr. Gominak says that’s due to a sleep disorder. 

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She has a workbook that you use for an entire year that helps you balance your vitamin D and B so you get to that deep REM sleep where the healing occurs. 



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