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Jul 03, 2021

In this BONUS video I put together for you, I lead teens through a simple Mindfulness lesson.

Our kids are the smartest on record, but also the loneliest, most stressed, risk averse, and depressed. It's why we must rethink our parenting so they can thrive in an anxious, uncertain world. 

Mindfulness practices can help!

When we taught Mindfulness Lessons to our 2nd-5th graders, 15 minute lesson once a week for 8 weeks look what they said!

60% Felt it helped them calm down

92% Said other kids should learn mindfulness

64% Said they practiced it at home

52% Felt they were able to focus better in school

43% Said it helped them sleep better at night

When I saw this data, I realized we were on to something. This is a proactive approach to help our kids manage the daily stresses in life that are weighing them down.

Mindfulness practices are effective for kids, teens and adults. I personally use it myself. It's the number one thing that has helped calm and still my racing mind, stressed body and help me start everyday from that place of calm and return there anytime during the day because of the practices I've learned. And this is what we teach the kids.

Check out my free mindfulness video for kids on the right side of this screen.



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