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From the Pregnancy Body Roller Coaster to Getting in The Best Shape of Your Life

Jul 02, 2022

With each pregnancy, Shannon experienced different challenges and during her fourth and last one, she had a lot of anxiety. It was unexplained. She had a constant underlying anxiety regardless of the baby doing great and no big life circumstances. She talked with her husband, doctor and God and took medication for a short time for postpartum, which really helped. The day she came home from the hospital with her fourth child, Covid started and we were all in quarantine. Then, her sister unexpectedly passed away right after that and she had a peace that surpassed her understanding. Shannon went from having anxiety for at least 10 months to extreme peace during a time of life, when most of the world didn’t have peace. 

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Shannon’s story of helping others find peace and purpose among the trials
  • All about collagen - that inhibits fat storage, improves muscle tone, restores youthful skin
  • A lesson Shannon is learning in motherhood right now
  • How to take control of your health and get in your best shape

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