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Build and Strengthen Your Body Safely on Your Joints

Nov 08, 2021

Dr. Shannon Ritchey is an Entrepreneur, Founder of Evlo Fitness, Doctor of Physical Therapy and wife. She focuses on creating safe exercise programs for those suffering like she was.

I started listening to her podcast, “Fit Body, Happy Joints” and I LOVE it already. Shannon taught me ways of rethinking my workouts and I love learning from her. I can’t wait to learn more.

I love how she taught me this week not to just do 2-3 really high intensity training workouts and be done thinking I’m good, but to consider doing more consistent workouts that don’t wear my muscles out completely like my intense training days. 

She reminded me that there is a narrow window of total number of calories my body will burn in a day. So, just because I exercised more, doesn’t mean I burned more calories. That’s a revolutionary thought for me.

I think you will really enjoy this episode and learn something new and be inspired this week when you think about doing a little exercise. And she even offers virtual classes and a membership to watch the videos on your own time. 

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Podcast: Fit Body, Happy Joints


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