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Soft Skills for Parents Turn Into Life Skills for Kids

Sep 23, 2021

Gina Wilson,  a local author here in Delaware (where I live) just published a book in June called, Skills That Build:  The Hard Science of Soft Skills for Work and Life

 When I started reading this book, I realized these are skills to help us as adults, but they in turn help our kids when we build these skills for ourselves. I always have to work on my listening skills, especially when it comes to communicating with my husband. I'm so bad at interjecting while he's talking, thinking of something else while he is talking and Gina's book helped me focus more of my attention on this skill to help me be a better listener. It's still a work in progress for me. 

Gina talks with me about:

  • Burnout and how to avoid it
  • Using “I” statements with your kids when they do something that gets you frustrated
  • A few self-care practices 


Skills That Build:  The Hard Science of Soft Skills for Work and Life   ISBN: 9781737082903

Available online through all major book retailers and in local and independent bookstores. Signed copies are available through Gina’s website. , where you can also sign up for her mailing list for coaching nuggets, book events and more.   

Gina invites listeners to follow her on: 


Twitter @GWStrategyCoach   

Instagram @ginadewil  

 If you like the book, please consider leaving a review online on Google, Amazon or post it on social media!  




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