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How To Help Your Teen or Tween from Lonely, Isolated and Self-Conscious to Confident

Aug 01, 2021

Teens and tweens face more pressures today than we can imagine. In a world with access to 24/7 social media apps, the news, and so-called “influencers”- coupled with the highest expectations of achievement for ANY generation – Erin Tarr is here with me today and she has a recipe for this daily living disaster.

At a time in life when these girls should be enjoying friendships and making memories – they are more vulnerable than ever, experiencing unprecedented feelings of loneliness and isolation. This is resulting in the highest rates of teen anxiety, depression, and suicide our country has ever seen.  

Erin is a Confidence Coach for teen and tween girls and creator of the fierce&flourish empowerment program. As a keynote speaker, parenting consultant, and host of the fierce&flourish podcast, she is a thought leader in the youth confidence space.

Here are several questions Erin answers in this interview:

-My daughter’s friends won’t talk to her, what do I say?

-When girls stop talking to each other because one of them is smoking, what do you I do?

-I want my daughter to reach out and spend time with her peers but she's shy and doesn't reach out. How can I help her?

Erin’s twenty year career in education and personal development serving tweens, teens, and moms led her to be named among Central Illinois Business Magazine’s 40 Under 40, and to be invited to speak on the “That’s What She Said” stage. She has led countless Confidence Building workshops with girl scout troops, athletic teams, and youth groups, as well as private corporations.

If you’d like more info on how Erin can help you and/or your teen, contact Erin at and mention this podcast episode. I am an affiliate of Erin, and you won’t be disappointed. Reach out to Erin today and see your teen go from self-conscious to self-confident.


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