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Apr 25, 2022

I’m so EXCITED! I’m bringing guests from my podcast (Momnificent) to host a free, live, virtual Mental Health Summit! May is Mental Health Awareness Month!

The National Institute of Mental Health looked at 10,000 adolescents in the country. 1 in 4-5 meet the criteria for a mental health disorder. Of those disorders, the largest category is ANXIETY disorder with a median age of onset of age 6.

The researchers conclusion was that this shows a need from a shift from treatment to prevention and early intervention.

WHICH IS WHY I’m hosting this FREE SUMMIT!


These outstanding speakers are here to share their story that will inspire you and leave you with tips, tools, strategies and takeaways you can start using TODAY!

Topics include: Help for anxiety, insomnia, depression, stress, teen substance abuse, and the effects of social media on our teens.

Start your day with a mindfulness meditation with picture book author William Meyer, then listen to Neurologist, Dr. Gominak share how her research has shown that you can ‘see your doctor once a year, heal your body every night’. Karin interviewed Dr. Gominak on the podcast, “Momnficent” 11 months ago and now that interview has over 6,000 views on YouTube!!!

Join for one or all sessions and it's FREE!

Learn how to overcome ANXIETY with Laurie Singer's new book, "You're Not Crazy - Living With Anxiety!" 

Social Media, Teens and Substance Abuse - what every parent NEEDS to know with Rick Capriola! Author of, “The Addicted Child, A Parent’s Guide to Adolescent Substance Abuse.”

And mental health tips for teens with Vincent Lanci - traumatic brain injury survivor sharing his story that will inspire you and leave you with simple practices you can start today with your child!


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